Partial Credit

A Cowboy Club Second Chance Short (Steamy Club Romance Shorts Book 1)

Maddie loved Junior once. So did his best friend, her boyfriend Travis. Ten years later, a visit to the kink club and a tipsy bet involving a hogtie could change everything for all three.

Ten years ago, my best friend Travis and I did something we shouldn’t have, down by Buck creek. When my girlfriend Maddie left me for him, it felt like we were even. They moved to the city, and I became the best rodeo stock contractor in Kentucky. But now we’re three beers in at a kink club. I ran my mouth, and they’ve gone and got me some rope.  I don’t know if the two of them ever talked about that night, and I don’t know where this is going,  but nothing counts when you’re blindfolded, right? Unless all three of us want it to, when the lights come on…

Author’s note: This Tie Me Up Cowboy short is, as Junior would say, steamy as all get out. We’re talking bisexual menage, second chance, MMF, kink club, rope, the works. As always, you’ll get your HEA.

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